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Pre-Launch Starts Saturday 16th May 2018

Launch Date: Tuesday 16th May 2018 @ 12:00pm EST

You can earn up to $50 per person


After the successful launch of Forex Raid I have come up with an excellent EA "ForexTradingScalper" this is robot is sure to sell an amazing number of copies. The proofs are solid and the trades this robot is capable of is amazing. In backtests and forward tests this robot is a beast so we expect high demand. I have been trading with this robot for a long time now and it is incredible.

The sales copy is of the highest quality and has been put together by one of the best writers out there. This will ensure high conversion rates which mean more dollars for you. Previous launches have seen us convert like 1:7.

We already know that this system will convert like crazy and expect over 2000 copies to be sold in the first seven days, you need to sign up now in order to cash in and reap the highest returns.

You have the potential to earn up to an amazing $50 per sale.


Top Conversions = Top Dollars For Affiliates

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Who Is ForexTradingScalper Aimed At?

ForexTradingScalper is a system aimed at newbies and experienced traders alike who want to be in the Forex Trading market but who don't have a lot of time or capital to invest. In other words, those who have day jobs and little residual cash. Additionally, the product is aimed at those who have previously tried to profit in the Forex market but failed. This is a huge market - in fact, according to Overture, there are over 4,000 searches for the keyword "forex" each day. Include Google and the other engines - and that's probably more like 10,000 searches per day.

ForexTradingScalper Is an excellent EA Robot equipped with the latest cutting edge in artificial intelligence and really has to be seen to be believed. The profits This Robot is capable of is astonishing and will surely see a lot of satisfied customers.

In short the market is huge, and hungry for a product just like this one.


Product cost $97, Commission 60%.

Conversion rate : 1:7

The product is the missing piece for '000's of everyday people with day jobs who want to enter the Forex market without having to spend all day check their computer and with little cash to get started with.

How am I paid out?

Firstly, your commission is a huge 60% - which at the price of $97 is $58.20

Total is up to an amazing $50.00

All payouts and affiliate tracking are handled by ClickBank, the web's premier hub for information products. They use leading technology to ensure you get every sale you deserve, and checks are sent out twice per month, ensuring you get paid quickly.

Remember, I have a vested interest in making sure you are paid fast and in high denominations - the more you make, the more I make. You can get a fee account with ClickBank here .

How do I get started?

As previously stated, you will need a ClickBank account first - you can get yours for free here .

Once you have your account setup, you will need to start sending traffic to the ForexTradingScalper site via your hoplink, which will look like this:

http:// xxxxxx.pipsdomina.hop.clickbank.net

where xxxxx is your ClickBank nickname.

(for example http:// yournickname.pipsdomina.hop.clickbank.net)

Once you have your hop link set up you are ready to start earning. Now, you can promote ForexTradingScalper any number of ways.

The two most obvious ways are via Google Adwords and promotions to your mailing list ( or alternatively an ezine). I have got you covered in either case.

Promoting ForexTradingScalper with Google Adwords:

The great thing about ForexTradingScalper is that it will convertexceptionally expect well between 1:7 and 1:8. Here are some plug in and go keywords to get you started:


Promoting ForexTradingScalper Via Mailing Lists and ezines:

You may want to adjust the width of the Emails accordingly to the recommened width of your auto-responder.



Email 1 Saturday 16th July 2018.

No hoplinks are needed for this one, as it is just to alert everyone to get ready!


Email 2 Pre-Launch Monday 18th July 2018.

This will have your prosepects in anticipation do not forget this one.



Email 3 Launch Day Tuesday 19th July 2018 @ 12:00pm EST

Most important one to send out!


Email 4 Post-Launch Wednesday 20th July 2018

This is a reminder for those who have not acted yet


Email 5 Day 3 After Launch Friday 22nd July 2018

This Email can add another 60% to your current sales.



Here are some top images to use on your website to promote Forex Raid (just right click and "save file as", then upload the files to your website):

Contact Us

If you have any queries you can contact us by email at support support@forextradingscalper.com. We will respond as quickly as we can.

What to do now...

1) Make sure you have signed up for the affiliates newsletter for more info on future products and to be the first to know about future launches

2) Sign up with ClickBank to get your account nickname here .

3) Insert your hoplink into the link above and start making sales.

That's it!

If we do our job right, you get paid, your customers come away happy and we do all the work.


Paul Liburd



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