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From the Desk of: Joseph Taylor

Dear Future Forex Success,

Let's face it...

Playing the Forex market can be risky.

Hell... it can be downright dangerous. can make a king's ransom in the blink of an eye.

But you can also lose everything with just one bad trade.

That kind of risk can be petrifying... right?

Paralyzing enough to stop you from making a single trade... or at the very least... trapping you into trading such small amounts that your wins are miniscule at best.

And you know what?

I don't blame you one bit.

After all... you've worked too long and hard to get where you are in life... and risking everything on a "roll of the dice" is just plain crazy.

But let me ask you something...

What if there WAS a way to make money from the forex market practically risk-free?

A revolutionary secret weapon allowing you to blow open the doors to the forex vault... help yourself to all the cash you can carry... and speed away in the "getaway car" with almost zero risk to your bank account?

And best of all... what if this low-risk method required absolutely ZERO previous forex experience... took as little as five minutes to set up... and was so simple, ANYONE could use it?

You'd be pretty excited... right?

Then lock the door... take the phone off the hook... and get ready to have everything you thought you knew about the forex market turned upside down.

Because in just a moment... I'm going to spill the beans on this brand new market-crushing tool... and reveal exactly how you can use it to start pulling cash out of the forex market with laser-guided precision.

But If you're skeptical that a tool with this kind of cash-creating potential is completely "idiot proof"...I completely understand.

Heck... just a few months ago... I would have said exactly the same thing.

But that was before I knew...


How an "Average Joe" Discovered the Secret to Shoveling Massive Forex Profits Directly Into
His Bank Account... Without Lifting a Finger!

Hi... my name is Joseph Taylor.

You might think I'm some kind of "forex rock star"... the kind of guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth... who instinctively grasped the ins and outs of the market.

But frankly... nothing could be further from the truth.

Heck... I was never a rich guy.

Sure... my dead-end job put food on the table... kept the lights on... and made sure I had a roof over my head...

But I wanted more than that.

Maybe you can relate....

  • You're sick and tired of busting your hump in a job you hate day in, day out... only to have every red cent of your pay check go towards necessities... never having enough spare cash to buy the luxuries you deserve.
  • You struggle the meet the monthly house and car payments... or even have to fight tooth and nail just to pay the rent for your tiny apartment.

  • You want to be able to treat yourself to spontaneous vacations on the spur of the moment.. . without worrying about whether your vacation leave will be approved... and without pinching pennies while you're supposed to be relaxing.

  • You want to have time to enjoy life. To spend more time with your family... to spend a week fishing on a peaceful lake... or even just to be able to sleep in til noon every now and then.

  • Above all... you want to feel safe and secure. No more stress about paying bills... or worrying if your idiot boss will sack you just to save a few bucks and get himself a bigger bonus.

At least... that's how I felt.

And frankly... I knew  I'd never have any of this if I just continued to participate in the rat race like all the other corporate sheep... running myself into the ground my whole life and having nothing to show for it.

Like you... I thought the forex market was my salvation... the golden path that would catapult me into a life of financial freedom.

But instead I discovered that...


By Desperately Trying to "Crack" the Forex Code
I Almost Lost Everything I Held Dear...
...And I Didn't Even Make a Single Losing Trade!



In fact... I didn't make any trades at all.

Maybe you've been there...

Paralyzed by the fear of losing what little money you have to invest... knowing that if things go wrong it could take you months... even years to recover.

You endlessly research the forex market... digesting confusing and misleading information... hoping to stumble across the magic bullet that will reveal how to pull money out of the market hand-over-fist.

But the more forex information you read... the more confused you become.

Pretty soon... you get desperate... wondering if there's a light at the end of the forex tunnel.

You keep pushing through the sea of overwhelming and bewildering information... spending more and more
time at the computer and away from my family...

... hoping the "light bulb moment" you desperately need
is just around the corner.

Heck... maybe you're starting to doubt myself... wondering if you're really cut out to be a successful forex trader

Maybe you're even beginning to sink into the pit of despair... figuring that "average Joe's" like us just aren't "supposed" to live a life of care-free luxury.

I know I was.

But in the blink of an eye... the thought of busting my butt for the rest of my life and having nothing to show for it faded into the background.

The stress of unpaid bills... the intense frustration of the forex market... and the sleepless nights all took a back seat.

I'll fill you in on that life-changing event in just a moment.

But first... I want to let you in on...


The Secret FX Strategy the Wall St
Weasels Aren't Telling You That
Practically Guarantees  Massive Wealth...

Forex Trading Scalper: 170 Winning Trades In A Row


98.66% Win Rate - Only 10 Losing Trades In Sixteen Months

4 years back test


1332 Trades


97.60% of trades won


Average profit per trade is $1719.38


170 consecutive winning trades


Never more than 1 loss in a row


Total Net Profit $1,145,774.38

It's something no high-flying forex trader will ever tell you.

After all.. they have millions of dollars to play with... and decades of first-hand experience.

To them... losing tens of thousands of dollars on a bad trade isn't a big deal.

But for you and me... that's a new home theater system... a vacation to the Caribbean... or a college fund for our kids.

We can't afford to flush it down the toilet without a second thought.

But as I now know... there is a way to trade that has almost no risk... and allows you to get your profits back on the very same day.

The forex gurus call it "scalping"... and to them... it's small potatoes.

After all... It can take a lot of trades to make the same amount of money they do on one roll of the dice... even if the process IS practically risk-free.

But I'll bet that even the FX fat cats would do a double-take if they had their chance to get their greedy mitts on the market-busting tool you're about to have exclusive access to.

The turbo-powered engine that automates the entire wealth-building process... enabling you to make more profitable trades in a day than a single human ever could... dutifully slinging sacks of risk-free cash into your bank account on complete auto-pilot.

And in just a moment... I'm going to share how you can snap up one of the few copies that remains..


But first... I owe you the rest of the story about the event that would be the catalyst to changing my life forever.

The day my wife said to me...

"Joseph, I'm Sick of Living Like This.
Make Your Choice - Your Family
or Your Stupid Forex Dreams!"

I guess in hindsight... I should've seen it coming.

I'd stopped shaving... eating properly... or even spending time with my family.

Instead... I was spending every free second staring at my computer screen... desperately trying to solve the forex puzzle.

In my mind... I knew I was close to having the life I always wanted...

  • Sleeping in late while my neighbors were grid locked in the rush hour traffic jam

  • Being able to take the kids fishing on weekends without worrying I was turning down paid overtime I'd need to make ends meet

  • Taking spur-of-the-moment vacations to exotic locations... fulfilling my lifelong dreams

  • Being able to fund expensive new toys like luxury cars and kitchen renovations without having to painfully scrimp and save every penny

  • And much, much more...

But my wife didn't see her that way.

All she saw was a husband who wasn't there for his wife... and a dad who wasn't there for his kids.

To her... I was just chasing a pipe dream... a silly little fantasy which could never pan out in reality.

And so far... she was right.

My constant study... research... and effort still hadn't brought me any closer to breaking the forex code.

So I made a deal with her... and myself.

In short...


If I Couldn't Crack the Forex
Code in Just Seven Days...
...I'd Give Up the Dream For Good!

I guess the pressure of the situation helped me think... because the answer hit me like a thunderbolt.


We were friends back in high school... but when he went to college out of state we drifted apart... reduced to sending Christmas cards and the occasional email.

We both came from a rough neighborhood... but while I never had the cash to go to college and get ahead in life... Ben had won a full scholarship to some prestigious Ivy League school.

He had excelled in his studies... graduated top of his class... and was now a top-gun forex trader at some high-class firm.

Better still.... he owed me a favor.

You see... where we grew up... a genius like Ben
would have been the target of every bully and wannabe "tough guy" around.

But by hanging around with me... the big kid who knew how to handle himself in a scrap... he coasted through high school relatively unscathed.

So when I called him and told him I was calling in a favor... he immediately agreed to meet me at an out-of-the-way bar where we could talk about things in private.

Little did he know that in just a few moments...


He'd Be Risking His Career by Sharing
the Top-Secret Software He Used to
Make a Fortune From the FX Market!

But it's not what you think..

It's not like I forced him.

Heck... the only reason I'd asked to meet him was because I was hoping for some advice... a hidden nugget of forex information that would explode my trades and allow me to leave the rat race behind forever.

But things didn't quite work out that way.

See... Ben didn't trade Forex anymore.

Not really.

He was sick and tired of being chained to a desk all day... having to concentrate for hours on end... not being able to leave his computer for fear he'd lose thousands while he used the bathroom.

But in typical Ben fashion... he'd thought out an ingenious solution to the problem.

These days... he fired up a custom piece of forex software he could depend on to dump profits into his bank account while he relaxed on the beach... or shared a drink with an old friend.

It was a low-risk... high-return... take-no-prisoners forex machine.

One that even a complete "forex moron" like me could use to spit fresh, crisp bills into his bank account on complete auto-pilot.

And even though he could get into serious trouble if anyone ever found out his profits came from an automated piece of software... he was willing to share it with me... no strings attached.

And in just a moment... you'll have a limited-time opportunity to get your hands on it too.

But first...


Look... I get it.

You're skeptical.

And frankly... you have every right to be.

It seems like you can't turn around these days without bumping into some wannabe forex trader promising to make you rich overnight.

Yet when you ask for proof... for some tangible evidence of their claims... they're strangely silent.

Sure... I could sit here all day and tell you about how great the Forex Trading Scalper is... never offering up a shred of proof to substantiate my claims.

But as we both know...

Talk is cheap... results are what tell the REAL story.

Results like these...

LIVE ACCOUNT: Initial Deposit Multiples an Insane
Twenty-Five Times! (Click For Larger Image):


LIVE PROOF: Makes a Massive 368 PIPs
in a Single Trade! (Click For Larger Image):



REAL WINNING TRADES: Just 13 Trades Produces a Whopping 46% Profit!

LIVE ACCOUNT PROOF 1: $350 Profit from 1 Trade!

LIVE ACCOUNT PROOF 2: $744 Profit from 2 Trades!

LIVE ACCOUNT PROOF 3: $625 Profit from 2 Trades!

LIVE ACCOUNT PROOF 4: $534 Profit from 1 Trade!

LIVE ACCOUNT PROOF 5: $836 Profit from 1 Trade!

LIVE ACCOUNT PROOF 6: $939 Profit from 1 Trade!

So now you know the Forex Trading Scalper is the "real deal"... there's just one burning question on your mind...


“What Do I Have to Do to Get My
Hands on a a Copy of This Market-Busting...
... Profit-Sucking... Life-Changing Software?”

I gotta tell you...

If Ben had his way... him and I would be the only two guys on the PLANET using this software.

Don't get me wrong... Ben's not a bad guy.

Heck... he was more than happy to give an old high school buddy a copy... regardless of the risks.

But once I tried the Forex Trading Scalper out for myself... 

...I knew that just wouldn't be good enough.

After all... I couldn't be the ONLY guy struggling to make money out of the forex market.

There were probably tons of guys like me... good people who just needed a bit of help to crack the forex egg... and finally have the life they deserved.

But when I told all this to Ben... he simply didn't see it my way.

He said he was already taking a big enough risk just HAVING the software... that letting every Tom, Dick and Harry get their hands on it was just too dangerous.

It was a heated argument... and neither of us were willing to back down easily.

But eventually... we made a compromise... and decided...


Only 500 Copies of
The Forex Trading Scalper
Will EVER Be Sold!

By limiting the amount of copies in circulation... we can keep our risk at acceptable levels.

So how much are we asking for access to the secret weapon that cuts the FX market wide open... sucks out low-risk payouts at break-neck speed... and stitches it back up before it can put your trading account at risk?

Good question... and I'll answer it in just a moment.

But first... you might be wondering why we're charging for it at all.

After all... if this product really makes as much money as we say we do... couldn't we afford to just give it away?

We certainly considered it... but decided against it.

And here's why...

By asking a reasonable "entry fee" for this software... we're weeding out the traders who aren't 100% serious about their forex future... and ensuring that this revolutionary software only goes to people who truly deserve it.

So after a lot of careful thought...

We've decided to price the Forex Trading Scalper at a very reasonable $97.

That's a lot less than you'd pay for a confusing course from one of the "big name" traders... and a lot less than you could lose on a single bad trade without our low-risk secret weapon.

Heck..we could charge thousands... maybe even tens of thousands of dollars... and have "fat cat" forex traders lining up around the block.

But if we did that... we'd be keeping this software out of the hands of the traders who REALLY need it... traders like you.

And that's not what we want.

Okay Joseph... I'm convinced.
I want my copy of the Forex Trading Scalper right now!

But if you're still not ready to take the plunge... I get it.

Times are tough... and even with the rock-solid proof we've offered... you still don't know for sure whether Forex Trading is right for you until you try it.

That's why every copy is backed by our...


Iron-Clad 60-Day... No-Risk...
100% Money-Back Guarantee


Here's what I'm proposing...

Take the Forex Trading Scalper for a no-risk test-drive.

If within 60 days you don't think it's the best investment you've ever made towards true financial freedom... all you have to do is send me an email... and I'll quickly and courteously refund every cent of your purchase price.

Frankly... I don't know how I could be fairer than that.

Either the Forex Trading Scalper tears apart the market... delivers you insane profits... and gives you true financial freedom...

...or you don't pay a cent.



If you're still not ready to make this investment in your future... I understand.

That's why I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and offer you...



My $100 Forex Trading Challenge To You...

If You Trade This System For 60 Days And Don't Make A Profit, Then
I Will Give You A Full Refund AND $100 Cash Out Of My Own Pocket.

That's how confident I am that my software works.



And if that doesn't convince you, I've gotta ask you...


Are You Going to Pass Up the Only Chance
You'll Ever Have to Crack the Forex Market...
...Make Obscene Amounts of Money...
...and Finally Start Living the Lifestyle of Your Dreams?

Because if you walk away from this offer... that's exactly what you're doing.

And hey... that's your right.

You can leave now... and we'll part friends... with no hard feelings.

But for your sake... I hope that's not the path you choose.

Take a look at some of the success stories so far...


Forex Trading Scalper Success Stories...

  • "Wow, 45 pips profit in under 30 minutes already!" Graham, UK

  • "This software has made me $250 this week on autopilot, very impressed." Luke, Scotland

  • "This is the forex software i've been waiting for, incredible." Nick, USA

  • "I've already had four winning trades today out of four!" Paul, Canada

  • "This is the BEST $97 I've ever spent on Forex software" Louise, Ireland

  • "Used this software for 60 minutes this morning and made $145! I can't believe how easy this is. Thank you" Brian, USA


Look... I know that with all the forex scams out there... it can be difficult to believe that truly is a revolutionary new market-busting tool.

A hidden PIP-sucking nuke you can launch at the forex market with no prior warning... proven to work with virtually no risk... that even the most "green" FX trader can use effectively and safely.

But that's exactly what you'll be getting in the Forex Trading Scalper.

Frankly... it could be the express elevator to getting everything you ever wanted out of life.

Money... security... freedom... 

With the Forex Trading Scalper you can have all this... and more.

But you're the one who has to claim the life you deserve.

Don't let it stay out of your grasp for another moment...

Get your copy of the Forex Trading Scalper right now... 

...and finally start living your life the way YOU want.


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YES Joseph!

I'm sick and tired of being pushed around by the forex market.

I'm ready to “strike back” by using the Forex Trading Scalper to generate massive profits with minimal risk... completely on auto-pilot.

I understand as soon as I place my order over the secure 256-bit SSL servers... I'll have immediate access to download the manual and "quick start" guide.

So just ten minutes from now... your software could automatically be placing profitable forex trades for me... while I "kick back" and take it easy.

I also know that since you're selling this software through ClickBank... the world's leading distributor of online purchases... my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

In fact... once I purchase your software... I've got a whole sixty days to try it out.

If at ANY time during that period I don't think the Forex Trading Scalper is the best investment I've ever made in my LIFE... I'm welcome to return it for a quick, hassle-free refund of every cent I paid.

But I know I've gotta move fast...

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That's why I'm not taking ANY chances... and I've decided to place my order right now!



To Your Forex Trading Future,

Joseph Taylor

P.S. Remember... if you're not pulling money out of the forex market left, right and center within 60 days of purchasing the Forex Trading Scalper then I don't want your money. Simply send me a quick email and I will give you a complete refund... no questions asked. Click here to TRY the Forex Trading Scalper now!

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P.P.P.S. I gave Ben my word I would strictly limit the Forex Trading Scalper to 500 copies. Once I've sold 500... I'm pulling this offer for good. Don't miss out on your dreams - get your copy of the Forex Trading Scalper right now... and take the first step towards true financial security.


Frequently Asked Questions...

How much money do I need to start trading?

JOSEPH: You can start trading with as little as $50 and start seeing some serious results. Moreover inside the members area I am giving away a $500 free trade bonus to get you up and running.

How hard is it to install and run the Forex Trading Scalper software?

JOSEPH: We have made the software one click install to make it as easy as possible for anyone to install. It will take less than a minute to get up and running and we provide 24/7 online support for those who need any extra help.

Which brokers does the software run on?

JOSEPH: The software is compatible with every single broker, including 5 digit brokers and ECN's, so you don't need to switch.

What currencies does the software trade with?

JOSEPH: The software trades the EUR/USD currency pair daily, with very low risk and consistent winning trades 97% of the time.

Once i've downloaded the software is there anything I need to do next?

JOSEPH: You'll be up and running in under a minute, and you can start trading on a demo account right away to get a feel for the software without risking any real money. It won't be long before you start seeing the winning trades and jump into live trading to start making the profits yourself. It's that simple.